National is offering a range of temperature detection solutions.

These include:
• Handheld infrared non-contact thermometers
• Handheld wireless thermographic imager
• Intergrated wrist temperature measurement system

These solutions allow businesses to screen temperatures of people entering the premises through fast deployment. The temperature detection solutions  provide fast accurate readings and depending on the solution required can screen 10-20 people simultaneously. The thermographic solutions must be installed in a windless indoor environment as the temperature detection is sensitive to wind and outside temperatures which will affect the accuracy of the readings. Once high temperatures are detected, individuals should be checked again with a thermometer to verify readings.

Handheld Infrared Thermometers

The handheld thermometer can measure the body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal radiation from the human forehead on a non-contact basis. It is simple and convenient to operate, and the measurement is fast and accurate. It is lightweight and portable with backlight LCD digital display.  Automatic data hold and power off function with alarm alerts.

Handheld Thermographic Imager Solution

The handheld thermographic camera wireless solutions provide easy  connection with rapid deployment for temperature screening of building entrances, elevator halls, airports, etc. The camera can be mounted on a tripod mounting pole for easy use. The camera can also be linked to an on-site  monitoring solution.measurement is fast and accurate.

Temperature Measurement Kit

The kit can realise the function of rapid temperature screening in places with a large number of people turnover to effectively avoid cross-infection. The automatic temperature measurement demo is played continuously for 24hours. It provides accurate temperature measurement and a real time alarm of people with a fever. Real time snapshot of human face temperature  measurement and a no mask reminder. Support real time statistics of total number of temperature measurement and reduced labour costs.

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