It’s a sign of the times – burglar proofing, state-of-the-art alarm systems monitored 24 hours by a security provider and people being protected by high walls that are topped with high voltage electric fence, that in order to be effective, should also be monitored 24 hours a day.

With load shedding affecting the people around the country, and impacting alarm system batteries, National has introduced a new solar panel which allows your security system to be supported by solar power. Instead of relying on mains electricity, and the battery, the solar panel will power up the battery while the power is out, helping avoid flat batteries, and no security!
The panel can be installed in two sizes, a 30W or 50W panel. The installation includes the solar panel, the regulator and the mounting bracket. 6. If you choose the 50W solar panel, this should be sufficient for up to 20 PIR installations, and the 30 Watt panel will allow for automated gate installations.

Why go solar?

  • With load shedding so prevalent, alarm batteries are suffering with constant power outages, and not enough time to recharge in many areas. This means the useful lifespan can be affected, with batteries going flat more quickly, leaving alarm systems unpowered at critical times.
  • Solar power means your alarm system stays operational even for lengthy load shedding periods.
  • Having your battery powered by solar means reduced false burglary and panic signals caused by flat alarm system batteries.
  • Gate motors, garage doors, and electric fences are also non-operational during power outages. The stronger solar panel can connect to both the alarm system and the electric fence, or the gate motor, powering both. This depends on the size of the security system and components.

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