National Security & Fire has the ability to monitor your alarm system in your own town as well as from other main centers should the need arise. The monitoring centres are all manned 24 hours a day by highly trained personnel. These men and women are able to take charge of your problems and manage them through to a satisfactory solution. Control centres used by reaction services must be constructed and operated in accordance with SAIDSA standards. SAIDSA also recommends that a legal written contract is entered into between a reaction service company and his client and there are also recommendations for insurance of reaction officers against death and injury.

The monitoring centres are capable of nationally receiving both radio transmitted signals as well as signals sent via landline (Telkom network). National Security & Fire has a network of highly sophisticated computerized alarm monitoring centres throughout South Africa all linked via a wide area network (WAN). This enables any control centre to take over and/or assist in the monitoring of alarm signals should any other monitoring control centre be disrupted or out of commission for any period of time. Due to the nature of the radio transmitter, the type and content of the signals sent is limited to simple burglary/ panic/power failure signals, whereas signals generated by the on-board communicator in the security system, sent via the landline can contain detailed information on what zones or areas of the system have been activated including specific panic, fire and medical conditions.

Once the signal is received by the monitoring equipment, it is analysed and sent to the designated operators who will ensure that the instructions for that client are checked, a vehicle dispatched and the client and/or key-holders are called and advised of the activation. Comprehensive notes are kept on all activations and are archived for future reference should the need arise.

Armed Response


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National Security & Fire has a substantial fleet of response vehicles on permanent patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, manned by efficient, highly trained response officers. All National Security & Fire Armed Response officers are registered with PSIRA and undergo a strict selection process before being employed by National Security & Fire.

Every vehicle is in radio contact with its local monitoring or control centre, receiving and sending critical information pertaining to alarm activations and incidents throughout South Africa. Armed Response provides a passive and active deterrent to burglars and other threats to your family, your residence and your business.

Upon receipt of an activation by our Monitoring Centre, the Monitoring Centre will telephonically contact the point of activation in order to:

a) establish the authenticity of the activation (to prevent irresponsible users of the system from abusing manpower whilst other genuine incidents take place),
b) identify the nature of the threat e.g. medical, fire, hostage, etc., and
c) prepare the Armed Response Patrol officer or other emergency services for the threat by forewarning them. Upon arrival at your premises the Armed Response officer will take what action he deems necessary and call for assistance, if this is required.


SMS Alert Service

Important information

National Security & Fire Monitoring Businesses prioritizes alarm traffic to ensure that operators are able to focus more attention on life threatening and asset threatening traffic. As a consequence lower priority traffic such as power failures, low batteries and communication tests not received from a panel, can during peak operating periods, have a delayed actioning time. Power failures and associated low battery alarms are a constant problem across the country and to date we have responded to such non-emergency alarms by telephoning the client and, where enabled, via SMS as well.

To allow National operators to focus their attention on potential threats to our client’s life and property National is implementing an upgraded SMS service.

It works like this:

* Our Control Room will automatically be alerted that there is a low priority signal, i.e. power failure, low battery or communications test failure by your alarm system.

* The low priority alarm will report to our monitoring software, and where the SMS facility is enabled, an SMS will immediately be sent to the client to advise them.

* The SMS system will await confirmation of delivery from your cellular service provider. Once confirmation is received the signal is automatically logged into the client history.This will forgo the need for an operator to phone the client to advise of the signal as National will consider the client informed.

* If confirmation is not received, your details will automatically be displayed on the monitoring system and a National operator will phone you directly.

* National Security & Fire’s National Control Rooms currently deal with more than 1.2 million signals every month. Overactive responses and false alarms cause potentially dangerous delays preventing Response Officers attending to emergency situations.

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