National Security and Fire can provide all aspects of onsite guarding services making use of cost effective electronic equipment to improve services and control measures.

Access control / guard patrol

We make use of high quality Android products to enable our security guards to practice better control over visitors entering your business.  With the assistance of electronic devices and programs we can cut out on entrance delays and also keep accurate and reliable records of visitors and suppliers.

We further ensure that guard patrol duties are adequately adhered to by means of electronic tagging points on site. Record keeping is done electronically and patrol fails get identified and alerts escalated instantaneously.

Products Access Control

Avoid time delays by completing registers to visit sites manned by National Guarding. With the assistance of programmed devices our guarding team utilise technology to make your visit hassle free.

Electronic license disc scanning to identify vehicles and keep hourly, daily, monthly and annual electronic record of all visitors. Suspicious vehicles can be loaded on the  system and blocked from entry the moment the security guard scans the license disc.  No more need for paper hardcopies in an attempt to assist in saving our forests.

Driver / Pedestrian identification: Making use of technology to identify vehicle drivers and pedestrians entering your property.

Unwanted visitors can be identified and blocked before entering. hourly, daily, monthly and annual electronic record of all visitors are kept.


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Guarded Road Closures

National Security & Fire Guarding Division works hand in hand with its Armed Response Division to safeguard residential areas. Our guards are operating in dedicated areas and have direct communication to our armed response teams.

With the assistance of community leaders and home owners we will find the best solution possible to protect life and assets.

Additional Services

National Security & Fire Guarding Division will assist to make sure that your staff members working with expensive vehicles and machinery are always sober and not under the influence of alcohol.

As an added service, on request, our security guards are trained and equipped to do breathalyser tests by using state of the art equipment.

We understand the importance of having sober and reliable machine operators and drivers and can hereby assist in reducing damages caused by individual misconduct.

Value Added Services


Our M&R customers receive ER24 , 24-hour emergency medical assistance, where trained paramedics will ensure you receive the necessary help as quickly as possible.



National Security & Fire is proud of our relationship with the SAPS. These relationships are built at various levels and include attendance at the weekly crime incident meetings, CPF meetings and other community-originated meetings


All National Security & Fire response/patrol vehicles have the Car track satellite tracking system installed. This facility allows us to operationally manage our resources at a considerable high level.


Interaction with clients is essential in order to build a relationship of trust and deliver an effective security solution to the community.  A National C.P.C will be assigned as your key liaison and will attend monthly feedback meetings with the nominated community leaders.


National Security & Fire provides a Safe Entry service to all participating customers. If you are arriving at your premises late at night or feel uneasy on your journey home, contact the Monitoring Centre Control Room to arrange for an officer to meet you at your gate and escort you into your property. The officer will conduct a check of the premises and ensure all is in order.


Monthly suburb update newsletters are e-mailed to clients providing them with crime trends, incidents, security information and hints and tips.  Our customers are also alerted, via SMS, to any crime incidents in their area and of successes National Security & Fire has achieved in the management of crime in their suburb.


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