SAPHRA Non-touch Infrared Thermometer

Local Manufactured Cloth Face Mask

Surface Disinfecting & Fogging

National is offering a range of COVID-19 personal protection equipment (PPE) and sanitising products to businesses to protect their staff and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We supply the following products:

Non-contact infrared ray application. Lightweight and portable. LCD digital display. Built in laser pointer for quick temperature measurement.  Excluding. AAA batteries

Priced from R900-1000.00 excl vat

In Stock

Cloth masks are washable and reusable . Locally manufactured according to SA  Government guidelines. Thicker Woven Twill 190gsm Cotton Fabric. Woven Poly Cotton 110gsm Fabric

Priced from R15 – R16.00 excl vat

In Stock

PET Anti fog face shield available in 400 to 500 Micron plastic. Entire unit made of PET with elastic Strap and foam support for comfort.500 MiMicron has Black out tape to eliminate glare.

Priced from R28 – R60.00 excl vat

In Stock

Type 5/6 Hazmat Suit that consists of an impermeable whole-body garment worn as protection against hazardous materials.As advised to be used once and destroyed.

Priced From R400.00 excl vat

In Stock

Lightweight 3-piece Disposable coverall with hood. Elasticated face, wrist and ankles, freedom of movement. Double layer zipper cover. Only to used once and destroyed.

Priced from R200.00 excl vat

In Stock

Hand sanitisers, 70% alcohol based. Sanitising liquid hand spray, available in various sizes.This is a Proudly South African product ,MSDS on Request.

Priced From R20 – R1200.00 excl vat

In Stock

A sneeze screen perfect solution for infection control in any workplace and public area. It can be set on a counter or table to protect staff and customers.A Proudly South African product.

Priced from R540 -R900. excl vat

In Stock

Steel sanitiser dispensing unit with safe dispensing utilising a foot peddle made Proudly in South Africa ,


Priced From R900.00 excl vat

In Stock

Alcohol Free Multi-Surface Cleaner And Disinfectant.Kills Corona Virus on Surfaces while Disinfecting and is Antibacterial, Germicidal and Fungicidal.

Priced from R165 – R800.00 excl vat

In Stock

Children’s Sun Hat Windshield Fisherman Hat Dustproof Cap Detachable Face Screen.Perfect for kids going back to school or visits to the park, comes in various sizes on request.

Priced From R72.75 excl vat

In Stock

Easy to use 160*120 Handheld Thermal Imager. Can be mounted on a tripod. For screening 10-15 people per minute & includes relevant software  programmed for you.

Priced from R26 000.00 excl vat

On request

Temperature detection kit. 2MP intelligent temperature measurement network bullet camera. Human body temperature Screening up to 15-20 people simultaneously.

Priced from R50 000.00 excl vat

On request

Latex  gloves provide barrier protection for surgeons and nurses .Providing comfort and sensitivity  to contact. These Gloves are to protect user from chemicals , blood and body fluids

Priced from R165.00 excl vat

In Stock

1. Home surface sanitising service – R800 standard 3 bedroom and R1200 larger homes. Complexes etc to be quoted separately.

2.Business surface sanitising service – R1200 (depending on (m²), ±R2per/(m²)

3.Business De-fogging – Standard rate of R1800

4.Home De-fogging – Standard rate of R1200

All prices can be negotiated depending on size and frequency.

For a quote and more information please contact 087 283 7965, email or fill out the form below

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