National Security and Fire deeply invested in the heart and soul of the West Rand

National Security and Fire deeply invested in the heart and soul of the West Rand

National Security and Fire maintaining the community orientated service you have come to trust


The heart and soul of any security company are the men and women who are passionately committed to delivering the highest level of service to their loyal customers and communities that they care about. The coming together of two of the strongest security brands in the industry – National Security and Fire and Apcan Security – has created a force to be reckoned with!

National Security and Fire’s control room. Photo: Supplied.

“We have a large response and tactical fleet in the West Rand footprint – we care about this area and our customers who live here,” said a Tactical Reaction Force (TRF) member, who will not be named due to close involvement in intelligence operations. “It is all about the customers out there and about looking after the community. We now have even more resources, support, and the ability as well as the passion and drive to make this area safe. We don’t just respond to alarm activations, we actively help to prevent crime, ensuring proactive patrols, community and police involvement as well as crime-prevention initiatives. It is a very exciting time to be a part of this team!”

National Security and Fire’s broad footprint. Image: Supplied.

National Security and Fire is focused on this community. An intelligence-driven, free-thinking and hands-on approach that combines advanced technological strategies which is at the core of their mission to keep families safe. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and with a highly trained TRF overseeing dedicated reaction officers, few chinks exists in National’s new beefed-up armoury.

Aside from a designated fleet in their West Rand footprint of over 65 vehicles tasked with monitoring and armed response, National Security and Fire is also committed to community initiatives and proactive crime prevention. Regular greenbelt operations undertaken by the TRF teams and K9 units help to assist communities with the risks associated with greenbelt areas such as koppies and vlei areas.

Suspect apprehended. Photo: Supplied.

This highly trained TRF teams have many arrests and successes under their belts, and National is extremely proud of the proactive service that these dedicated and courageous men render in the communities that they serve.

National Security and Fire has a state-of-the-art control room, which, whilst based in KZN, is area-focused. This ensures that there are dedicated control room staff deployed to monitor and dispatch in the West Rand footprint only. The National control room is manned by more than 300 staff but with a local focus and passion. The control room assigns dedicated staff members to monitor community WhatsApp groups to ensure that the control room is in constant contact with the community, the patrol units and TRF team. Together the control room and ground units actively address community safety concerns and can respond quickly and efficiently. The cooperation between community, the control room and the men on the ground is key to a security solution.

Reaction officers mid-operation. Photo: Supplied.

National Security and Fire partners with various role players to ensure that customers receive a full security solution. National has partnered with Fire Ops SA to assist in Emergency Fire & Rescue situations.

Winter brings with it an increased risk of fire and house fires, which are more prevalent than most people think. A residential fire can pose a massive risk to lives and property, and if not brought under control urgently, the effects can be devastating. National Security and Fire, together with Fire Ops, will respond to customers and assist with residential, commercial, or industrial fires in the West Rand footprint. Fire Ops are also able to respond to accident scenes within the footprint, providing lifesaving assistance, including deployment of the Jaws of Life where needed.

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National Security and Fire’s app. Image: Supplied.

National Security and Fire CEO, Yagan Nair who lives in the footprint, has a special place in his heart for his West Rand customer base. “We are absolutely invested in this footprint and I give my personal commitment to our customers that we will continue to invest in the area and focus on the needs of the community. We believe in partnering with the community and other role players to ensure the best possible solution for our customers. We are embarking on various community initiatives, including domestic watch meetings, pensioner safety protocols, school programmes and community video surveillance initiatives. This is our community to protect and we will do so by honouring our commitments and ensuring consistency and dedication.

“The West Rand Management Team are extremely committed to this footprint and dedicated to protect our communities for our children’s future. By becoming a National customer today, you will be adding value to the community by assisting with another vehicle to endorse the community’s safety.

National Security and Fire CEO, Yagan Nair. Photo: Supplied.

“National Fire and Security would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for their support – we would also like to acknowledge and thank all security companies, who’s staff risk their lives daily to protect the communities that we all serve.”


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