Security Tips for Women

Security Tips whilst Exercising

Spring is finally here and this is an ideal time to exercise outdoors.  However, National Security, one of South Africa’s leading security companies suggests the following safety guidelines to bear in mind when out exercising.

  1. Plan your route in advance and avoid unlit, lonely and known risky/dangerous areas.
  2. Avoid taking the same route every time you go out.
  3. Tell someone where you are going and how long you will be away.  Estimate your return time.
  4. If you think you are being followed, cross to the other side of the road.
  5. If you are being followed, make your way to a shop, house or service station then call the police.
  6.  If you are being followed when you approach your home, do not enter.  Go to a neighbour’s home instead.
  7. Always have your house keys ready when you approach your door.  You will be vulnerable when searching for your keys.
  8. Never use headphones to listen to music when out cycling, walking or running – you need to have all your senses focused.
  9. Carry a cell phone and a mace canister either on a belt or in a travel pouch around your waist.
  10. Take a dog with you if possible – or a friend.  Better still, join a running/walking or cycling club.
  11. Avoid shortcuts if you know the longer route is safer.
  12. Avoid cutting through parks and car parks as both provide criminals with
    hiding places.
  13. Walk or run facing the oncoming traffic so that you can take evasive action if necessary.
  14. If you are cycling, remember to do so in single file.
  15. Preferably wear bright coloured clothing while out on the road, especially if the light starts to fade.
  16. Keep to the outside of pavements and away from hedges and driveways.
  17. Never accept a lift from a stranger.

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