Advice for Late Night Revellers

Late night revellers and restaurant staff returning home need to be vigilant

In a couple of months time matric students will be leaving their school books for the last time and celebrating their new found freedom at their favourite night spots.  Others will have found ‘vac jobs’ at their local restaurants.

This is the time to be extra vigilant after a night of revelling or after an evening’s work.

  • People return home in the early hours of the morning in a relaxed mood
  • Their guard down is down and they don’t realise they are being followed
  • This is when they are often held up in their home
  • Criminals follow the unsuspecting public home
  • Residents are then overpowered on arrival at their place of residence
  • Perpetrators force themselves into the home and surprise the remainder of the family who are usually fast asleep

Of course this is an exceptionally easy way of entering a home and the family, who is a soft target, has no time to alert their security provider.

  • Youngsters, in particular, and the public, in general, need to be vigilant when travelling home late at night
  • If you suspect you are being followed, do not go home, but rather proceed to the nearest police station or well lit area that is occupied, such as a service station
  • If you have a cellular phone, ensure you have your local Crime Stop telephone number programmed into your speed dial list
  • Your security provider’s number should also be one of those that is easily accessible
  • Do not be a hero and try to confront any would-be criminal
  • The criminals of today are armed and are not afraid to use their weapons

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