How to Incorporate Children when planning home security

Two of the most common ways unwanted visitors gain access to a property is when children are at home alone – especially over weekends or over holiday periods when their parent are at work. With [...]

What to Do in the Event of a Burglary

Leave the premises immediately, if you can. If you turn to leave but find yourself face to face with an aggressive intruder, remain calm. Running or screaming can result in the intruder becoming [...]

Your 12-point Guide to Fire Safety in the Home

As the days become shorter and the nights colder, National Fire, a division of National Security South Africa, offers some practical advice on how to stay safe this winter. As the days become [...]

Security Tips for Women

Security Tips whilst Exercising Spring is finally here and this is an ideal time to exercise outdoors.  However, National Security, one of South Africa’s leading security companies suggests the [...]

Unscrupulous Operators

National Security & Fire warns home and business owners against unscrupulous operators National Security & Fire has sent out a warning to consumers to be wary of unscrupulous individuals [...]

Advice for Late Night Revellers

Late night revellers and restaurant staff returning home need to be vigilant In a couple of months time matric students will be leaving their school books for the last time and celebrating their [...]

Security Tips for Holiday Makers

The end of year holidays are not far away and of course this is always the time that people like to let their hair down and have a good time. However one of South Africa’s leading security [...]

Security Tips for Homeowners

National Security & Fire proposes that homeowners keep the following 10 security tips in mind at all times.  Seek qualified advice from a security consultant who will carry out a risk [...]

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